Be ready to explore the pearl of Africa and beyond.scintillating bird watch,leopards ,lions ,hot springs,snow mountain of Rwenzori,chimpanze,impenetrable forests,savannah and so much more

Bwindi impenetrable Forest

Best Times: December - June.  
 Uganda is suitable for travel any time of the year, but not advisable during rainy seasons. Uganda is sunny most of the year with temperatures rarely rising above 29 degrees (84 degrees Fahrenheit). The average annual temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius (78° Fahrenheit). The rainy season is from March till May and October till November. Light rain season falls in November and December. Dry seasons are from December to February and June to August. The best time, the best months of the year would be December to late February and from June to September.

Kidepo National Park

Best Times: December - May.
Lionesses normally produce by the age of 4 years, and can mate with any male before it conceives and the mating can take up to several days. The gestation period is 110days after which a female will give birth from 1- 4 cubs normally in a secluded area like thicket which cannot be easily reached especially like the Hyenas who will normally want to kill and eat the cubs. The cubs will normally weigh 1.2–2.1 kg.With a close look at a cub (baby lion) there are brown spots on their bodies, but they will always fade as they reach adulthood See tree Climbing Lions in Uganda at Ishasha. The lion being found up in the tree branch is a unique adventure moment as lions are often found in the open savannah grasslands roaming around, sleeping, resting or hunting. These lions will normally climb and rest in these fig trees when noon approaches. It is hard sometimes to find them up in the trees when it is raining, or when it is still slippery in the morning. These tree climbing lions of Uganda are found in Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Southern section near the Congo boarder. The best places to find the lions are kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls national park, Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Third longest in East Africa.mountain Rwenzori is the only snow capped mountain in East Africa that is crosssed by the Equator


The largest fresh water lake in Africa.Lake Nalubale (known) is shared by 3 East African countries (kenya,Tanzania and Uganda).Its as well the source or origin of the longest river in world (NILE). All the amzing features can only be found in Uganda


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